General Publications

Newspaper and Magazine

Hunting the Wild Canyon. Edible Idaho, Winter 2017, pp 17-19.
Saving Salmon’s Salmon. Hakai Magazine, November 6, 2017.
Flying Fish. Edible Idaho, Fall 2017, pp 18-20.
Master of Steel: Bill Burke hones centuries-old craft. Edible Idaho, Summer 2017, pp 26-28.
Alderspring Ranch: Where new cowhands learn old tricks. Edible Idaho, Fall 2016, pp 14-19.
Stars (and Land Trust) Align. Edible Idaho, Summer 2016, pp 18-23.
The Vineyard is a-LIVE at Bitner. Edible Idaho, Spring 2016, pp 14-16.
Ranchers to monitor grazing allotments. Intermountain Farm & Ranch, June 19, 2015, p 3.
Red Walnuts: A Nutty Pleasure of a Different Color. Edible Idaho, Winter 2014, pp 22-23.
Hoppin’ Hops. Edible Idaho, Fall 2014, pp 32-34.
Beet growers faced challenges in 2013. Intermountain Farm & Ranch, Dec. 20, 2013, p 5.
Leadore rancher honored for stewardship. Intermountain Farm & Ranch, Oct. 4, 2013, p 4.
Sunnyside of Cheesemaking. Edible Idaho South, Fall 2013, pp 30-31.
Women in ag conference, markets, finance. Intermountain Farm & Ranch, Mar. 8, 2013, p 6.

Interpretive Display

History of Sanitation. Installed at the City of Meridian, Idaho’s Wastewater Interpretive Center, June 2014.

Fact Sheet

Planned Burns in the Great Plains. Fact Sheet 2013-29 , Great Plains Fire Science Exchange, December, 2013.


Family and Apples. Edible Idaho South online, Jan. 15, 2013.
The Snake River Plain: I Live in a Smile. Orion Magazine online The Place Where You Live, June 13, 2012.
Of Beavers, Rivers, and the Moon. Tiny Lights: A Journal of Personal Narrative Flash in the Pan, 2010.

Boise State University

Student Research at Boise State University: Sagebrush Steppe Focus of Andrew Austreng’s Research. Boise State University Division of Research and Economic Development website, Mar. 29, 2012.
Research Spotlight: Researchers Find an Unusual Type of Hybrid Origin in a Rare Plant. Boise State University Division of Research and Economic Development website, Sept. 27, 2011.
Research Spotlight: Boise State Researcher Studies Link Between Ants and Rare Plants. Boise State University Division of Research and Economic Development website, Apr. 26, 2011.

Rangelands Magazine

Land Lines: Three Rangeland Essays. Rangelands, Dec. 2015, pp 233-236.
Land Lines: Old and New Agrarians in Quivira. Rangelands, June, 2012, pp 63-66.
Land Lines: On Science, Art, and Ecotone. Rangelands, Feb., 2012, pp 44-45.
Land Lines: Meat with a Story. Rangelands, Dec., 2011, pp 25-28.
Land Lines: Big sagebrush: fine variations on a winning theme. Rangelands, Oct., 2011, pp 45-48.
Land Lines: Waves of the Future: Radar LiDAR, and GRACE. Rangelands, Aug., 2011, pp 75-77.
Land Lines: The Cheatgrass that Wasn’t There. Rangelands, June, 2011, pp 60-62.

The British Ecological Society

Are Any Trees Better Than No Trees? Mesquite From Central America is spreading in Senegal. In: Ecology–A Science That Matters, poster for secondary schools in West Africa. 2004.