Technical Publications

Refereed research publications

Salo, C. 2018. Army cutworm outbreak produced cheatgrass “die-offs” and defoliated shrubs in southwest Idaho, 2014. Rangelands 40(4):99-105. Contact me for a copy for research or education.

Ganguli, A.C., D.M. Engle, P.M. Mayer, and L.F. Salo. 2016. Influence of resource availability on Juniperus virginiana expansion in a forest-prairie ecotone. Ecosphere 7(8):e01433. 10.1002/ecs2.1433.

Washington-Allen, R.A., D.D. Briske, H.H. Shugart, and L.F. Salo. 2010. Catastrophic thresholds, perspectives, definitions, and applications: An introduction. Ecology and Society 15(3):38.

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Salo, L.F. 2004. Population dynamics of red brome (Bromus madritensis subsp. rubens): times for concern, opportunities for management. Journal of Arid Environments 57:291-296.

Salo, L.F., J.F. Artiola, and J.W. Goodrich-Mahoney. 1999. Revegetation of a saline flue gas desulfurization sludge pond. Journal of Environmental Quality 28:218-225.

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Salo, L.F., J.F. Artiola, and J.W. Goodrich-Mahoney. 1996. Plants for revegetation of a saline flue gas desulfurization sludge pond. Journal of Environmental Quality 25:802-808.

Major research reports

Sage Ecosystem Science. 2009. Relationship between livestock trampling and slickspot peppergrass (Lepidium papilliferum) abundance. Submitted to US Fish and Wildlife Service as part of comments on listing of slickspot peppergrass under the Endangered Species Act.

Salo, L.F. and J.F. Artiola. 1999. Revegetation of a High-Volume Combustion By-Product and Low-Volume Utility Waste Disposal Area: A Southwestern Site. EPRI TR-113939 Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA.

Salo, L.F. and J.F. Artiola. 1994. Revegetation of Flue Gas Desulfurization Sludge Pond Disposal Sites. EPRI TR-103312. Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA.

Other technical publications

Salo, C. 2010. Owyhee Initiative Science Panel Minority Report. Report of the First Owyhee Initiative Science Panel to the University of Idaho.

Rimbey, N., T. Hoffman, C. Salo. 2009. Legal Issues Facing the Bureau of Land Management’s Boise District: Exploring the Issues and Searching for Solutions. Report to the BLM Boise District’s Resource Advisory Committee. July, 2009.

Washington-Allen, R.A. and L.F. Salo. 2007. Symposium Review: Icons and Upstarts and the Detection of Thresholds: Definitions, Perspectives, and Methods. Ecological Society of America Bulletin, April, pp. 219-225.

Salo, C. and D.A. Pyke. 2003. Thresholds of cheatgrass dominance. pp. 27-28 In: 2003 Intermountain Restoration Coordination Meeting, Boise State University, Boise Idaho, March 31 & April 1, 2003. Unpublished Report, US Geological Survey.