Cindy Salo, Ph.D., provides sound research and clear writing about ecology, agriculture, and natural resources. She founded Sage Ecosystem Science Corp. in 2007.

Army cutworm news

– August 25, 2022: Hikers and grizzly bears using the same areas worry managers at Wyoming’s Shoshone National Forest. The bears eat fat-filled army cutworm moths that congregate at high elevations; some of the moth sites are near hiking trails. Researchers at MSU are learning more about the moths, the bears’ diets, and human’s use of the areas.

Recent publications

– Joan Wulff, the First Lady of Fly Fishing, showed that casting isn’t strength, it’s skill, and developed a vocabulary to teach those skills. Today’s fly fishers cast from the shoulders of a giant. Big Sky Journal, February 2022.

– The University of Idaho beef cattle research center in Lemhi County celebrated a grand opening. Intermountain Farm & Ranch, July 2021.